AAC History

The Alberta Student Assessment Network, operating as the Alberta Assessment Consortium, was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta on June 2, 1994. However, it began in the fall of 1992 as an informal conversation of jurisdiction leaders at a CASS issues forum. The first official meeting was held on October 1, 1993. Several years later, on June 29, 2001, AAC became a registered charity.

Perhaps you have known about the work of AAC over the years, but you may not know the origins of AAC. The following video clips provide some insights into the work of the organization since its inception. You might be surprised to learn of the original ideas surrounding the work of AAC, and how soon those original thoughts took a vastly different direction. And as they say, the rest is history!  

Reflections from the Beginning

Doug Knight, the first AAC Executive Director, shares his reflections on the early years of AAC.

Robert Hogg, the second AAC Executive Director, shared the following remarks. Download pdf Document

AAC 20 Year Anniversary

Early founders, board members, and participants reminisce on the impact of AAC. 

AAC 25 Year Anniversary

Remembering AAC Logos

The AAC logo has changed over the years, but what the brand stands for is even more important. AAC has always had a reputation for supporting quality classroom assessment. No debate!

Remembering AAC Conferences

The AAC Fall Conference was a yearly professional learning highlight. High quality keynote speakers and classroom teachers presented practical sessions designed to spread the word about assessment for learning.

Remembering AAC Publications

Practical, helpful, and reflective of the Alberta context. That’s been the goal of AAC Publications since the very beginning.

Remembering “Getting the Water to the End of the Furrow”

From snail mail and binders to technology, and everything in-between – communicating the news about the great AAC resources has always been an important part of the work.

AAC Executive Directors

From L to R

Robert Hogg (1999 – 2009); Sherry Bennett (2009 – 2020); Doug Knight (1993 – 1998)

Michele Jones

Michele Jones 2020 – 

AAC Annual Work Plans​

The Annual Work Plan outlines the areas of focus for each fiscal year. These documents provide a snapshot of the work of AAC over time. The Executive Director and the Board of Directors work collaboratively to develop a proposed Work Plan that is then presented to the Membership for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

2010-2011 Work Plan pdf download

2009-2010 Work Plan pdf download

2008-2009 Work Plan pdf download

2007-2008 Work Plan pdf download

2006-2007 Work Plan pdf download

2005-2006 Work Plan pdf download

2004-2005 Work Plan pdf download

2003-2004 Work Plan pdf download

2002-2003 Work Plan pdf download

2001-2002 Work Plan pdf download

2000-2001 Work Plan pdf download

1999-2000 Work Plan pdf download

1998-1999 Work Plan pdf download

1997-1998 Work Plan pdf download

1996-1997 Work Plan pdf download

1995-1996 Work Plan pdf download

1994-1995 Work Plan pdf download

1993-1994 Work Plan pdf download

AAC Board Members - Past and Present

*Indicates Board Members who have served as Board Chair.

Amber Darroch* – Horizon

Carra Aschenmeier – Grande Yellowhead

Catherine Coyne* – St. Albert Public

William Dunn – University of Alberta

Tim Cusack – Edmonton Catholic

Lisa Everitt – Alberta Teachers’ Association

Leslee Jodry – Northern Gateway

Jason Moline – Red Deer Public

Joanne Pitman – Medicine Hat Public

Lorelie lenaour – Holy Spirit

Phil McRae – Alberta Teachers’ Association

Rebecca Forchuk – Foothills

Catilin Fox – Chinook’s Edge

Bryan Szumlas* – Calgary Catholic

Lorna Hewson – Livingstone Range

Evan Dearden – High Prairie

John Waterhouse*  – Westwind

Gaylene Schreiber – Alberta Teachers’ Association

Nancy Spencer-Poitras* – Grande Yellowhead

Erin Sproule – Yellowknife

Maureen Parker* – Battle River

Roger Lacey – Northern Gateway

Dana Laliberte – Holy Family

J-C Couture – Alberta Teachers’ Association

Judy Williams – Red Deer Public

David Steele – Grasslands

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