Alberta Assessment Consortium is

  • a not-for-profit registered society, funded by membership
  • a recognized education partner in the province of Alberta
  • an independent voice, able to provide an informed response to questions/issues that impact student learning

The work of AAC is guided by four main purposes.

Purpose #1 Advocate for sound classroom assessment practices by engaging in collaborative endeavors with AAC member jurisdictions and education partners.

To accomplish this purpose, AAC…
  • facilitates purposeful connections among jurisdictions working on similar assessment related initiatives;
  • collaborates with ministry and education partners on projects of mutual interest; and
  • provides an informed voice, responding to assessment questions and challenges within the Alberta context.

Purpose #2 Contribute to the building of assessment literacy in Alberta through action research and inquiry initiatives.

To accomplish this purpose, AAC…
  • maintains contact with an international network of assessment authorities; and
  • intentionally seeks partnerships designed to validate and enhance research based practices within the Alberta context.

Purpose #3 Develop a broad range of classroom assessment materials, directly aligned to Alberta curriculum, that address both formative and summative processes.

To accomplish this purpose, AAC…
  • develops performance assessments and rubrics, scaffolding tools, and unit plans modeling backward design;
  • collects samples of student work that demonstrate a range of quality relative to assessment criteria; and
  • maintains a practical website with links of interest, assessment tools and templates designed for classroom use.

Purpose #4 Enhance teacher/leader assessment capacity by providing opportunities for quality professional learning.

To accomplish this purpose, AAC…
  • conducts a high quality fall conference that includes internationally recognized presenters, as well as Alberta teachers and leaders providing practical application of best practices;
  • designs professional learning modules for membership use;
  • creates practical AAC publications for teachers and leaders; and
  • provides experienced facilitators to offer customized professional learning experiences on a fee for service basis.
 Alberta Assessment Consortium… everyday assessment tools to support student learning

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