Exit Slips

Student responses from exit slips assist teachers in adjusting instruction to better meet student learning needs.

The Importance of Relationships

Linda talks about the importance of communication, connections and relationships in helping students reach their potential.

The Value of Comments

Janice describes the limitations of a single mark when reporting to students and parents.

Using Exemplars

Dorothy describes the power of using student work to illustrate standards.

Setting Learning Goals

Bryan describes the September meeting with parents to set learning goals for the upcoming year.

The Value of Email

Lois highlights the importance of e-mail in maintaining ongoing communication with parents.

Providing Information

Bryan describes how teachers in his jurisdiction maintain ongoing communication with parents.

Assessment for and of Learning (Colin)

Colin explains how a large jurisdiction relies on school based leadership to help parents understand the difference between assessment for and of learning.

Sharing the Big Ideas

Linda describes an example of how teachers can share the big ideas of curriculum with parents.

Giving Students Choice

Janice discusses the need to allow students to express their learning using their strengths.

Supporting Teachers

Dorothy describes how teachers work collaboratively to develop lessons and assessments.

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