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Differentiated Assessment

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Differentiation for Learning and Assessment (UPDATED)


Supporting the Needs of Diverse Learners

Choice in Assessment

While differentiated instruction seems to have reached a level of broad acceptance, many still wonder if differentiated assessment is appropriate or even workable. View the following videos and professional learning resources to consider new assessment possibilities for the diverse learners in your classroom. 

Offering Choice

Offering Choice

To meet the needs of the diverse learners in the class, a teacher at Ascension of Our Lord School in Calgary provides her students with choice.

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Timing Really is Everything

Reporting periods often place an artificial structure on learning and assessment. What if time wasn’t the key factor in reporting student performance? View the following videos to consider ways to extend the time available for students to learn. 

Multiple Opportunities to Demonstrate Learning: Supporting Diverse Learners

An Alberta teacher discusses how he supports diverse student learning needs over the course of the school year.

Multiple Opportunities to Demonstrate Learning

Multiple Opportunities to Demonstrate Learning

A teacher at Jasper Elementary School uses portfolios as a planning tool to support the growth of the diverse learners in his classroom.

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Flexibility in Summative Assessment

Flexibility in Summative Assessment

A teacher at McNally High School in Edmonton allows for flexibility in the timing of summative assessment in the classroom.

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Learn More about Differentiated Assessment with AAC Publications

What Matters Most about Assessment

This handy flip book is a valuable reference guide to key principles of sound classroom assessment practice. When used in conjunction with the new AAC ‘Go’ page,, teachers can access resource listings for a variety of videos, professional learning materials, and samples of assessment tasks and techniques.

Assessment Conversations: Engaging with Colleagues to Support Student Learning

This new AAC resource has been 'made for Alberta'. It is a practical resource that every system leader, school leader and teacher can turn to for background information, answers to perplexing assessment questions, and concrete ideas for moving assessment practice forward in classrooms, schools and jurisdictions.
This publication has been written with the professional practice standards in mind. Consider this newest AAC resource to be an integral part of planning for implementation of the new standards - for teachers, school leaders and system leaders.

Scaffolding for Student Success

What do we do when students don’t understand? We scaffold to support student learning. Scaffolding for Student Success is an AAC professional resource that provides a variety of effective tools to scaffold student learning.

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