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Criteria Must Reflect Learner Outcomes

Of course criteria must reflect learner outcomes! It sounds so logical – but it’s easy for assessment criteria to get off track. Work through the following videos and resource materials to learn more about how to ensure criteria reflect the intent of the learner outcomes. In AAC language, that means examining the learner outcomes ‘through the lens of assessment’.

Assessing What Really Matters

Two colleagues took another look at a favourite student assessment task they had been using. After closely examining the outcomes, they realized they had been assessing the wrong things. View the video to share their insights.


Video: Assessing What Really Matters

Assessing What Really Matters

By identifying key learning goals and building quality rubrics to assess them, teachers can help students focus on the learning that really matters.

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What’s Wrong with This Picture?


Sharing Criteria with Students

It’s essential that teachers have clarity on the criteria, or in other words, what is to be assessed. However, that’s only half the picture. Criteria can only be effective when they are shared with students. 

Developing a Shared Understanding

Sharing criteria with students doesn’t need to be onerous or time consuming. Watch as this teacher talks about how seamless the process can be.  

Video: Developing a Shared Understanding

Developing a Shared Understanding

A teacher at St. Jean Brebeuf School in Calgary recognizes that when students have a deep understanding of the learning goals, they are better able to achieve them.

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Build Your Skill with Criteria

Creating Credible Criteria: A Four Module Book Study

Learn with colleagues and enhance your skill with creating assessment criteria. Each participant will require a copy of the AAC publication, Creating Credible Criteria.   


Learn More about Criteria with AAC Publications

Creating Credible Criteria

Criteria, when they are credible, assist teachers in designing assessments that will yield valid and reliable evidence and, at the same time, support student learning.

Assessment Conversations: Engaging with Colleagues to Support Student Learning

This new AAC resource has been 'made for Alberta'. It is a practical resource that every system leader, school leader and teacher can turn to for background information, answers to perplexing assessment questions, and concrete ideas for moving assessment practice forward in classrooms, schools and jurisdictions.
This publication has been written with the professional practice standards in mind. Consider this newest AAC resource to be an integral part of planning for implementation of the new standards - for teachers, school leaders and system leaders.

What Matters Most about Assessment

This handy flip book is a valuable reference guide to key principles of sound classroom assessment practice. When used in conjunction with the new AAC ‘Go’ page,, teachers can access resource listings for a variety of videos, professional learning materials, and samples of assessment tasks and techniques.

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