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AAC Regional 2019 Spring Symposia

Attention K -4 Teachers and Leaders! Confident, Healthy and Hopeful: Assessment to Support Our Youngest Learners Katie White Assessment decisions that teachers make every day have a profound impact on our students, and this is especially true for our youngest learners. Katie White will share her experience with integrating learner centered assessment practices within new

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Assessment and a New Alberta Curriculum

Curriculum and assessment are inseparable. While it’s true that assessment must be an accurate reflection of the curriculum, it’s also true that curriculum must be written in such a manner as to support effective assessment practice. AAC invites you to consider 3 key things when looking at the new curriculum ‘through the lens of assessment’.

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Effective Classroom Assessment Cohort Series

Every Alberta teacher and leader needs this course! • Two-year program for teachers and leaders • Consistent with the new LQS and TQS• Collaboration with like-minded professionals in your region• In-person seminars with follow-up to your classroom/school context• Supports assessment with existing and new curriculum Regional Cohort Registration for 2018-2019 For more information and seminar dates click here to download pdf. Registration

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New AAC Publication Now Available!

Assessment Conversations: Engaging with Colleagues to Support Student Learning This new AAC resource has been ‘made for Alberta’. It is a practical resource that every system leader, school leader and teacher can turn to for background information, answers to perplexing assessment questions, and concrete ideas for moving assessment practice forward in classrooms, schools and jurisdictions. 

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