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Ruth Sutton

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Ruth Sutton

Ruth Sutton has worked in a variety of teacher and school leadership roles. She also served as a school district assessment consultant and senior adviser (assistant superintendent).

She then became an independent consultant, specializing in assessment for learning and school improvement. She has worked in Scotland and Wales, New Zealand, and in various provinces of Canada. Ruth is no stranger to Alberta. She has presented at AAC conferences on several occasions.

AAC Leadership Day 2015

School Leadership in Changing Times

Ruth’s address provided strategies to help school and system leaders keep the focus on assessment in support of student learning – especially during challenging times. This series of videos are of particular value as Alberta anticipates the implementation of a new curriculum.

Video: What to Expect

What to Expect

Stick to the basics during this time of rapid and sometimes chaotic change. Alberta is not alone in the process.

Video: Setting Priorities

Setting Priorities

It’s not possible to implement every new initiative all at once. Set priorities, and stick to the knitting!

Video: Early Adopters

Early Adopters

Take care of your early adopters. You need them.

Video: Bringing Parents Along

Bringing Parents Along

Be sure that students understand why you are making changes in assessment practice. They will be your best ambassadors in bringing parents along.

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