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5 Ways to Move Forward with the New Alberta Curriculum

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5 Ways to Move Forward with the New Alberta Curriculum

Book an AAC Workshop

Practical Solutions for Assessment Questions about the New K – 4 Curriculum

Book the new AAC workshop specifically designed to help K – 4 teachers plan for assessment within the new curriculum.

Save time and have greater impact. When you plan your lessons with assessment in mind, you create a strong pathway for learning that links curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Use the New Sample Tasks and Rubrics

Based on the New K – 4 Curriculum

A new curriculum requires a new design for AAC performance tasks.

Try out this task in your classroom and let us know what you – and your students – think!

We’re still ‘under construction’ but we just couldn’t wait to share what we’ve been doing! Watch for more tasks coming soon…

Attend the AAC Regional 2019 Spring Symposia

Especially for K – 4 Teachers and Leaders

Confident, Healthy and Hopeful: Assessment to Support our Youngest Learners

Katie White will work alongside our AAC Facilitators to focus these 1-day regional events on new K – 4 curriculum outcomes. Create an assessment framework that you can use to begin your planning now!

Early-bird registration closes February 28.

Learn More about Big Ideas

AAC understands the big ideas of the new curriculum! Learn how big ideas and concepts can guide your teaching.

Look for this icon  in the Big Ideas feature for links to new K – 4 learning outcomes. Learn more about how to teach and assess for big ideas, regardless of what curriculum you are teaching.

Find a Colleague: Ready, Set, Go!

There’s been a lot of talk about the new curriculum, but what will it really mean for assessment in your classroom? If this question has been on your mind, then this 2-day AAC workshop series is for you!

Using the newly designed AAC performance task template, you will work with a colleague to develop a task to use with your class this school year. Experienced AAC facilitators will be your guides!

We’re offering this workshop series in 4 different locations throughout the province during March, April and May. Space is limited!

Book AAC Professional Development

AAC Field Services Facilitators are available to provide professional
learning support on a fee for service basis.

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