Technology and Assessment

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AAC and the Education Society have completed a collaborative project partnership, funded by a grant from Alberta Education. During a series of webinars, teachers and technology leaders discussed ways to link sound assessment practice with readily available classroom technology. Click on the tabs below to access highlights from the project.

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Mobile Devices: More than Apps

How can we get students to use their mobile devices for the purpose of assessment? Explore how the features on mobile devices can be used in the classroom for assessment purposes to gather evidence of learning, and for feedback and self reflection.

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Digital Feedback Tools

Feedback is one of the most powerful ways teachers support student learning. Consider the benefits of using technology to provide effective and efficient feedback to students.

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Data Collection Tools: What Do They Really Tell You?

There are many data collection tools that can easily be used in the classroom. Learn about some strategies to think about when using these tools to make data collection work for you.

Infographics: Don’t Be Fooled By Appearances

In this session participants will come to a shared understanding of how students can meet curricular outcomes using visual production tools, like infographics, without focusing on the “pretty” and losing sight of the “content”.

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Digital Forms and Assessment

Assessment of student learning is an ongoing task for teachers. Making the collection of assessment evidence a seamless part of a teacher’s workflow has never been easier with the growing features available in digital forms. Examine how to used Adobe Acrobat and Google Apps for Education to create customized and relevant forms that can be used on a regular basis to support sound classroom assessment practices.

View samples of various Forms for Assessment connected to the AAC Key Visual.
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ePortfolios in the Classroom

This is not your typical eportfolio session. In this session we will share a variety of tools, strategies and principles that teachers can use to help students personalize their eportfolio stories. Participants will learn how students can share their stories using tools that complement their learning styles and mobile lives.

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Visual Thinking Tools

Assistive technology can be a powerful tool in the classroom that supports the success of all learners. In this webinar we will look at one form of AT, visual thinking tools, and explore how VTT’s can help students organize their thinking and provide a gateway for students to express what they know, what they can do, and what they understand.

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