AAC Annual General Meeting 2018 Documents

The Annual General Meeting will take place in conjunction with the AAC Annual Fall Leadership Day on October 1, 2018. The meeting will be from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm over the lunch break at the Fantasyland Hotel. The following documents are provided for advance download for AAC member Jurisdiction Representatives. Hard copies of all required documents will be provided at the meeting.

AAC AGM Agenda 2018   (download PDF document)

ATT #1 AAC AGM October,18 2017 Minutes (for approval)   (download PDF document)

ATT #2 AAC 2017-2018 Financial Statement   (download PDF document)

ATT #3 Annotated Guide to 2018 AAC Audited Financial Statement   (download PDF document)

ATT #4 Proposed Work Plan 2018-19 (download PDF document)

ATT #5 Proposed AAC Budget 2018-19   (download PDF document)

ATT #6 Proposed Bylaw Revision   (download PDF document)

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