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Assessment Fundamentals - Professional Growth Planning Cohorts

This eSeries has been designed to support teachers in their professional growth planning. 

  • Do you want to dive deeper into sound assessment practice? 
  • Is this the focus of your PGP for 2020/21? 
  • Do you have concerns about doing this learning alone?

                   Then this eSeries is FOR YOU!

Webinar Workshop 1:

Building a Strong Foundation for our assessment practice

Assessment has the power to encourage, inform, motivate and support our learners, or it can entrench negative feelings and anxiety within our students. How do we motivate our students to keep working and learning, and still ensure that they are meeting the appropriate grade-level standards?

This session will explore how a focus on planning for effective formative and summative assessment is key to supporting student success. Participate as a group, and be prepared to have meaningful conversations about what matters most about in assessment

Webinar Workshop 2

Clarifying the learning destination and providing opportunities for practice, feedback and self reflection

Students will experience greater success when they are clear about the learning destination and have multiple opportunities to ‘mentally manipulate’ any new knowledge and skills. The ‘real world’ is full of examples of people who have opportunities for learning, practice, and feedback before they are ever required to perform. As teachers, we need to create similar opportunities for our students to engage in the classroom. 

Webinar Workshop 3:

Assessment that Really Can Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

Our classrooms are filled with students who bring a wide variety of strengths and challenges, and teachers are constantly adapting instruction to better meet student needs. However, if we are to gather reliable evidence of learning, then we need to differentiate more than just our teaching. How can we effectively and fairly differentiate our assessment practices to support all students?

Webinar Workshop 4:

Gather on-going evidence of learning

Explore answers to some of the most common questions about assessing student learning, such as;

What assessment methods should we choose to gather evidence of learning?

Are conversations and observations valid forms of assessment in all grade levels?

How do I authentically assess face to face and online learning?

How can I cut down on the time I spend marking and grading?

Now once I have the data, what do I do with it? 

Webinar Workshop 5:

Students as Partners in Assessment?

Do students really see themselves as partners in day-to-day classroom assessment, or do they see themselves as recipients of the assessment process?

Explore ways in which students can become active participants in classroom assessment, with a focus on understanding the learning destination and giving, receiving and using effective feedback. The results may surprise you!

eSeries Details

Professional Learning Hours : 12 hours                 Cost to participants – $90.00 for AAC Members and $120.00 for Non-Member

Participants will receive micro-credentials for each workshop and the associated learning tasks. These micro-credentials are intended to provide you with documented evidence of your professional growth this school year.

Stay Tuned for an updated list of future AAC sessions!

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