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Virtual Conference- Assessment 2020: How Clear Is Our Vision?

Focus on current issues for educators

How do we shift our FOCUS from Grades to Learning?

How do we MAGNIFY Creative and Critical Thinking?

How do we VISUALIZE Assessment in an Online World?


 The ‘MUST ATTEND’ virtual conference 

experience this school year!


 A 3-PART SERIES November 21, 2020 – January 23, 2021 – May 8, 2021

The first conference in this series will include:

  • a Panel Discussion featuring local and national educational leaders,

  • multiple Breakout Sessions facilitated by educators from Alberta and across the country, and 

  • a Final Keynote to round out the day!

Why a 3 Part Series? 


In Alberta and across the country, Professional Development will be at the center of educators’ thoughts as they plan and prepare to implement curriculum in a vastly altered educational system. Reflection and Sharing will be vital components in supporting one another through these unprecedented times. Our VISION is:


Nov 21st – Bring together like-minded educators to dig deep into this new Educational Paradigm.


Jan 23rd – Share what worked, what didn’t, and identify next steps in our learning and practice.


May 8th – Celebrate and share what we have learned, strengthen our connections, and plan for moving forward in our learning.

Registration opens in September!

Stay Tuned for an updated list of future AAC sessions!

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