Events and Open Sessions for All Educators

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New for Fall 2021

AAC Virtual Sessions - Open to all educators!

We understand teachers need professional learning opportunities that are:

  • based on the emerging issues facing teachers in the current Alberta context,
  • accessible at a time when teachers are ready for learning, and
  • affordable, hassle-free, and of the highest quality.

AAC is offering open sessions designed to support busy teachers as they navigate teaching and assessing during this pandemic. Most sessions allow for asynchronous learning. For a period of 2 weeks after the session date, registrants will be able to access materials such as –

  • session recordings,
  • presentations, and
  • handout materials.

New sessions will be posted as soon as they are designed. If you know of a topic that would immediately meet your teaching needs in the assessment area, don’t hesitate to email

Keep in mind our AAC member jurisdictions have funded these open sessions; therefore, there is a slight difference in pricing for members and non-members. 

Is your school authority is a member?  Check the membership list here.

Fall Assessment Virtual Learning Series

Session 1:  Reporting Student Learning Is More Than Just a Report Card – September 28,2021
Reporting student understanding through the use of a report card has long been the norm for our education system. However, research now shows us that boiling down 2-3 months of learning to a percentage of a 100 point or 4 point scale accompanied by a generalized comment is an incomplete and inaccurate communication of student learning. This session will explore ways that teachers can supplement the report card to accurately communicate the story of a students’ learning journey while still keeping the teaching workload manageable.

Session 2: 4 Key Elements to Fostering Student Agency in Classroom Assessment – September 30, 2021
Participants will learn how their classroom assessment practice can provide opportunities for students to develop independent learning skills and take ownership of their learning journey.

Session 3: The What, How, and Why Behind Creating Authentic Assessments – October 5, 2021
In this session, we will explore the following questions:
 – What exactly is an authentic assessment?
 – How do authentic assessments help to engage vulnerable students?
 – How do authentic assessments foster academic integrity and cognitive rigour?
 – What can I do right now to incorporate the characteristics of an authentic assessment into my current assessments?

Session 4: What do the Design Thinking Process, Project-Based Learning, Understanding by Design have in common with Authentic Assessments? – October 7, 2021
In this session, participants will be shown a brief introduction to each type of instructional design framework and how they support the implementation of authentic assessments. Added bonus: teachers will gain access to digital, editable templates and exemplars of these popular frameworks.

Session 5: Differentiation: What is it and how can I do it in my classroom? – October 14, 2021
This session will introduce a number of ways that teachers can differentiate their assessments for their students. Teachers will gain access to resources and tools to support the design and implementation of differentiation in their classrooms.

Register yourself for all five sessions in the series to receive a 20% discount!

AAC Members:  $15/session   OR            $60/entire series (5 sessions)

Non-Members:  $30/session  OR          $120/entire series (5 sessions) 

Each session runs from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

Asynchronous learning option available!

Fall 2021 Book Study

Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL by Jeffrey Benson

Participants will discuss the ideas in the book and discover how they connect to their own work. This book study is comprised of three meeting dates:

  1. September 20th: 4:00-4:30 pm
    Introductions, receive book study materials and assistance with ordering books.
  2. October 4th: 4:00-5:00pm
    The goals for this meeting will be to answer the book study questions provided in the previous session and talk about how the ideas in the book connect to our own work. We will share our lingering thoughts, problems of practice and then curate a list of questions for the conversation with the author.
  3. October 12th: 4:00-5:00pm
    Conversation with the author: Jeffrey Benson.

Jeffrey Benson, Education Consultant & Author

Jeffrey Benson has over forty years of experience as a teacher, mentor, and school administrator; his focus is supporting schools that can work for all students. He has worked on initiatives involving school reform, conflict resolution, learning theory, trauma and addiction, school advisory programs, math education, staff development, leadership training, and curriculum development. He is a member of the ASCD faculty, is frequently published in education journals, and speaks at conference on such topics as working with challenging students, developing safe and welcoming school cultures, and implementing best practices for inclusion.

Registration Fee 

AAC Members: $25
Non-members: $50

Register yourself for all five sessions in the series to receive a 20% discount!

AAC Members:  $15/session   OR            $60/entire series (5 sessions)

Non-Members:  $30/session  OR  $120/entire series (5 sessions)

Each session runs from noon to 1:00pm.

Asynchronous learning option available!

Beginning Teachers and Classroom Assessment: A Virtual Learning Experience

Session 1:  AAC Website Tour for our newest members! – September 29, 2021
This tour will demonstrate all of the great authentic assessments and self-directed PD resources available to all AAC members. This session is suitable for any teachers from our membership jurisdictions that are unfamiliar with the AAC resources.

Session 2:  The TQS and Assessment: What teachers are supposed to know, understand, and be able to do, according to the TQS – October 6, 2021
This session will explore the TQS Competency and Indicator related to assessment. Spend the hour exploring what competent teachers are expected to know, understand, and do in terms of classroom assessment.

Session 3:  Formative Assessment 101 – October 20, 2021
This session will focus on the AAC Key Visual and Assessment Vocabulary. We will also share a number of formative assessment techniques teachers can use tomorrow!

Session 4:  10 Strategies for Managing Your Workload through Assessment – October 27, 2021
Sometimes teachers need to be given permission to stop marking everything. This session will share 10 ways that you can start tomorrow, to help you reduce your workload.

Session 5: How to Blueprint your Assessment to Ensure You’re Assessing What Matters – November 3, 2021
In this session participants will learn:
  – What assessment blueprinting is
  – How to ensure you are assessing what matters and
  – How to blueprint an assessment

Stay Tuned for an updated list of future AAC sessions!

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