The T-Shirt Order

The class is planning to have student names printed onto school t-shirts. The cost of printing each name depends on the length of the name. Students will use a class list to collect, analyze and organize data, and will then construct and label a bar graph to display the data. They will interpret the data to determine the cost of printing the names onto the t-shirts. They will then share their results with a peer.

Healthy Eating

Engage your young chefs in an exciting culinary challenge! As hired culinary experts for the Picky Kids Elementary School cafeteria, students will embark on a delicious journey to create a menu that caters to both the discerning taste buds of their fellow students and the health-conscious preferences of parents.

Healthy Living Challenge

Invited by their pen pals to partake in the Healthy Living Challenge, students complete action research, recording their activities, snacks and drinks for 6 days. In a guided letter writing process, students share the details and reflections about their experience.

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