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Relationships: That’s What Matters Most Right Now

It’s never been very helpful to argue with kids about homework, and that is especially true right now. With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s no surprise that many kids (and parents, too) are finding it hard to focus on something as ordinary as schoolwork. We keep hearing that we are all in this

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Time to Make Lemonade!

Time to Make Lemonade! It’s been said that when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. Well, it appears that we’ve been gifted a very large shipment of lemons. I’m not pretending that things are fine, because they’re not. If any have ever doubted our connection to a worldwide community, there is no question at

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To Fret or Refocus: That is the Question!

To Fret or Refocus: That is the Question! Ruth Sutton, one of AAC’s long-time assessment friends posed the following question at the Fall 2015 AAC Leadership Day. How do you hang onto your sanity and your confidence and your resilience and your health when things around you seem to be changing, and not always rationally?

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It’s the best kept secret!

Whenever we do a workshop , we always showcase something from our fabulous AAC website. Participants are often surprised, because they had no idea the wealth of resources that are part of their AAC membership. We may be a bit biased, but were pretty confident there’s no better place to access resources to support quality

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What’s all the fuss about performance assessment?

Performance assessment is not just a passing fad – it is an essential part of a complete and balanced assessment plan. Let’s be honest – some outcomes simply can’t be measured by a test or quiz. And just because students need to complete some multiple choice tests during their schooling doesn’t mean that we have

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Does test prep have to look like test prep?

The test is coming! The test is coming! Break out the practice questions and bubble sheets!! We know that some of our students are required to take large-scale assessments, and that the results matter, to a greater or lesser degree, to students, parents, teachers, schools, and districts. Naturally, we want our students to perform to

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Formative Assessment? What’s the big deal?

If you have a child beyond Kindergarten, you’ve probably heard about school assessment being divided into two categories: formative and summative. People may have even explained the difference. But in plain language – why does it matter? Isn’t a grade a grade? Well, as it turns out, assessment and grades are two different things! Assessment

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Hey Leaders! Do you know how important your work is?

Hey Leaders! Do you know how important your work is? Seriously! It’s true. In a review of the research, Leithwood, Louis, Anderson and Wahlstrom (2004) determined that “…leadership not only matters: it is second only to teaching among school-related factors in its impact on student learning…” With the new TQS and LQS officially in place,

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Important Conversations… At Any Time of the Year

Report cards, conferences, checking the online parent portal for the latest entry, looking at your child’s test or project rubric – what matters most to you? Is it your child’s grades? Where they are in relation to their classmates? Or are you more concerned with their attitude toward learning? Where they’re being successful, and where

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What Do Parents Really Want To Know?

Report cards or progress reports, and parent/student/teacher conferences can be a stressful time, no matter when they take place. Some parents seem focused on grades. Some want class averages. Some want to know that their child is at the top of the class. Some want to know that their child isn’t at the bottom of

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