Rocky Road: Rubric Grading

Teachers model a collaborative process to grade student responses on the Rocky Road performance task.

Formative Assessment: Peer Feedback

Effective peer feedback processes have the potential to support learning for both the student giving feedback and the student receiving the feedback.

Resources used in the lesson, as shown in the video, by Mathematics 30-1 teachers.

The two handouts should be copied in two different colours. Create pairs of students with opposite colour handouts, and have them complete the first side (review only) with this partner. Check for understanding with the whole class. Regroup students so that the pairs have same colour handouts. They will learn the new material with this new partner. When these pairs get to the last question, send them back to their original pairs to teach their partners what they learned.

When students have completed the learning activity, have them create their own notes. They could use the template below to guide them.

Formative Assessment: Checking for Understanding

Student responses from exit slips assist teachers in adjusting instruction to better meet student learning needs.

Resources used in the domain and range lessons, as shown in the video, by Mathematics 10C teachers.

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