Dylan Wiliam – Clarifying Validity

Assessment is a process of collecting evidence and making inferences. Validity is not a property of the test, but rather of the conclusions one makes.

What to Expect

Stick to the basics during this time of rapid and sometimes chaotic change. Alberta is not alone in the process.

Setting Priorities

It’s not possible to implement every new initiative all at once. Set priorities, and stick to the knitting!

Bringing Parents Along

Be sure that students understand why you are making changes in assessment practice. They will be your best ambassadors in bringing parents along.

Rethinking Zero

Rick discusses the limitations of the 100-point grading scale.

Rethinking Lates

Rick discusses the issue of late work by citing real world examples.

Ready – or Not?

Rick points out the importance of seeing learning as a process that transcends arbitrary reporting periods.

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