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We have assessments with those parameters.

Student Materials

Which Roller Coaster is For Me? (20-3)

Students will determine the slope of roller coasters and explain how their slopes relate to the speed of the roller coaster. This project will help students refine their ability to communicate and solve problems.

Student Task, Graphic Organizer

Teacher Materials


Assessment is based on the learner outcomes. Criteria represent synthesized statements of big ideas derived from knowledge and skill outcomes from the Alberta Program of Studies.

Competency Connections

Competencies are referenced in the 2013 Ministerial Order. They are expressed through the learner outcomes and are not to be assessed separately.

Formative Assessment

Discussion guides can support students in acquiring key skills that are assessed within the task. Select the skill that is an area of focus for the class, or to support individual students.

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Teacher Feedback

Peer Coaching - Stating Assumptions

Student Self-Reflection

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