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New Curriculum

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Feature Workshop Session:

Practical Solutions for Assessment Questions within the New K - 4 Curriculum

With a new curriculum approved for field testing, it’s the right time to dive into planning for assessment using the new concept-based curriculum framework!

This hands-on session will provide concrete ideas on how to effectively plan for classroom assessment within the new curriculum. Teachers will come away with sample tasks and a planning template to get a head start on implementation. 

Save time and have greater impact. When you plan your lessons with assessment in mind, you create a strong pathway for learning that links curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Workshop Session:

Teachers, Are You Ready? Preparing for New Curriculum in Your 5-9 Classroom

While we’re waiting for the new curriculum, there are things we can do now to get ready!

  • How is the new curriculum framework similar to and different from the current framework?
  •  How do we plan for assessment with the end in mind?
  •  How do we ensure our assessment  accurately reflects the curricular outcomes?
  • How can we include rich tasks to engage students in higher level thinking that really matters? 

This session is a proactive way to get ready to successfully implement the new curriculum, while still working with the current curriculum in your classroom.

Workshop Session:

Assessing What’s Hard to Measure

We know not everything that counts is easy to measure. Given that we value the development of skills, attitudes and competencies in our students, we need to find effective ways to assess them. How will we assess the things that are hardest to measure?

Be prepared to think outside the bubble!

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