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Workshop Session:

Leading Assessment Conversations – Making the Most of This Valuable AAC Resource

Often our most effective professional learning resource is a trusted colleague. This AAC resource contains a wealth of material to support teachers and leaders in having meaningful conversations with colleagues about assessment.

Pick up a copy of Assessment Conversations: Engaging with Colleagues to Support Student Learning, and learn how to engage deeply and meaningfully with colleagues about assessment.


Workshop Session:

AAC Website and Resource eTour for Leaders

This session is a free awareness virtual session that provides a brief overview of the classroom materials (such as over 250 authentic performance tasks) and self-directed PD resources and provides suggestions on how to leverage these supports as a district-level leader or school-based leader. This session can be designed for a 45 or 60-minute time frame. This session is open to both AAC members and non-members.

Workshop Session:

Strategies for Creating a Positive Assessment Culture in Your Organization

This session will provide evidence-based strategies that leaders can implement to create a positive assessment culture in their organization.  Participation in group discussions will be an expectation throughout the session. 

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AAC Field Services Facilitators are available to provide professional
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