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Workshop Session:

Extreme Assessment Makeover – Task Edition

Do you have an upcoming assignment that could use an assessment renovation? Our extreme assessment makeover will focus on the characteristics of an effective task, look at curriculum through an assessment lens, and consider possible renovations to make your task more memorable for your students – and more valuable for you as a source of evidence of student learning.

Workshop Session:

Keep the Learning in Project-based Learning

Project-based learning can encourage creativity, innovation, and collaboration. It can also accommodate a variety of learning styles and strengths. However, if we’re not careful, project-based learning can become more about the project and less about the learning!

By focusing on learner outcomes and putting assessment front and centre, project-based learning can be an accurate and motivating way to meet curricular goals while actively engaging students. Keep the focus where it needs to be – on the learning.

Workshop Session:

Building Better Rubrics – How to Focus on the Learning that Really Matters

All rubrics are not created equal! A quality rubric can help teachers and students focus on what really matters. During this session, we’ll take a closer look at the characteristics of a great rubric, learn to avoid some common pitfalls, and introduce some AAC tools available to help you make effective rubrics for your classroom.

Bring some of your rubrics along to this session and begin to renovate them – to focus on the learning that really matters.

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