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Assessment During A Pandemic

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Workshop Session:

Baby Steps to In-Person and Online Authentic Assessments

This session is for educators that need to build the plane while they fly it. It’s hard to start creating authentic online assessments from scratch in the middle of the school year.  This session will introduce small, easy steps we can all take to turn our face-to-face assessments into authentic online

Workshop Session:

Designing Authentic Online Assessments From the Beginning

Switching from teaching in-person to an online learning environment has uncovered the understanding that in-person assessments don’t automatically make great online assessments. This session is a deeper dive into what makes effective and authentic online assessments and explores a practical action plan for creating these assessments. 

Workshop Session:

Tips for Navigating the Phenomenon of "Ghosting" through engaging online assessments FOR and AS Learning.

GHOSTING -A term used during the COVID 19 School closure that refers to students’ lack of attendance or engagement in “At Home Learning.” In this session, we will explore engaging online strategies for assessments that provide you with assessment data and create an exciting and meaningful learning environment for your students.

Workshop Session:

Stop Summatively Assessing Everything!

Yes, that’s right – AAC is giving you permission to STOP summatively assessing everything.  This session will present you with research-based strategies for moving student learning forward.  HINT**Because we’re talking about improving student learning, we won’t be spending much time talking about summative assessments!  **Caution: This Session May Cause a Reduction in Marking 

Formative Assessment Tech Tool Sprint for Online and In-Person Learning

In this fast-paced session, the AAC facilitator will model formative assessment tools.  Participants (who are somewhat tech-savvy) will complete simple tasks throughout the session to demonstrate what these tools look like from their students’ eyes. Participants will need a good internet connection, a second screen or device (like a cell phone or tablet) so they can use the tools while still viewing the zoom meeting. 


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