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Assessment Fundamentals

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Workshop Session:

Assessment 101 – Building a Strong Foundation

Assessment has the power to encourage, inform, motivate and support our learners, or it can entrench negative feelings and anxiety within our students. How do we motivate our students to keep working and learning, and still ensure that they are meeting the appropriate grade level standards?

This session will explore how a focus on planning for effective formative and summative assessment is key to supporting student success. Participate as a group, and be prepared to have meaningful conversations about what matters most about assessment.

Workshop Session:

The 25% Rule of Assessment

In our recent work with Dylan Wiliam we learned about an idea that he calls “the 25% rule” 

  • 25% of assessment should be detailed teacher feedback
  • 25% of assessment should be skimmed and summarized for whole class feedback
  • 25% of assessment should be peer feedback
  • 25% of feedback should be self-assessment

The session will provide a complex look at these four types of assessment in the classroom assessment process. 

Workshop Session:

Formative assessment tech tools for both online and in-person learning environments

In this fast-paced session, the AAC facilitator will model as many formative assessment tools and techniques as time allows.  The tools and techniques used in this session will be for both online and in-person learning environments.

Workshop Session:

Assessment 911: Help! Where do I start when reporting the story of student achievement?

An online reporting system, often with an open portal for parents, can sometimes feel like the tail is wagging the dog of classroom assessment practice. The addition of an outcomes-based reporting framework can add another layer of complexity.

This session is designed to provide teachers with the basics of reporting and communicating the story of student achievement. Turns out that you don’t have to sacrifice good formative assessment practices just because you have a digital reporting system!

Workshop Session:

The Basics of Designing Your Classroom Assessment Process

This session is designed for educators who want to create an efficient and engaging assessment process for the topic or unit of study. Educators who are interested in reducing the amount of marking, and increasing opportunities for meaningful assessment will discover how designing an assessment process can benefit both the teacher and the student. 

Workshop Session:

Designing Authentic Assessments for online and in-person learning

Version 1.0  Changing our assessment practice overnight is an overwhelming and perhaps an unrealistic expectation for some educators.  This session will provide simple strategies for making current assessments more authentic.  Making small changes can add up to big changes in our assessment practice, and AAC is here to help! 

Version 2.0 This session takes a deeper look into how to create new authentic assessments for online and in-person assessments using the AAC Classroom Assessment design process (AAC KEY VISUAL). 

The goal of this session is to understand what it takes to intentionally design an assessment process that results in an assessment that:

  • it engages students in such a way that not only captures students’ interest but also inspires students to commit emotionally and intellectually to meeting the goals of the assessment. 
  • is representative of solving problems encountered by working professionals associated with the field of study
  • challenges students to critically solve problems often resulting in the creation of a new product, performance, or service.

These session selections were updated for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you are looking for the session selections from the 2019-2020 academic year, please email to see if the session you want is still available.

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