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Now Booking AAC On-site PD for the New School Year!

New AAC Member On-site PD Rates for 2019 – 2020

AAC Field Services Facilitators are available to provide CUSTOM professional learning support within Alberta on a graduated fee structure for the 2019 – 2020 school year.

Costs increase everywhere, and because we all know the benefit of ongoing embedded PD, AAC is offering a graduated fee structure to help make ongoing PD more affordable for our members. Applicable expenses will be billed in addition to the fee-for-service rates. Please note that you must be an AAC member at the time of the workshop to qualify for AAC member rates.

Book soon! Prime PD dates are already being confirmed on our calendar!

On Site Professional Development Rates for 2019-2020

1st Session

$ 1100 Per Day
  • Plus Expenses

2nd Session

$ 1000 Per Day
  • Plus Expenses

3rd Session

$ 900 Per Day
  • Plus Expenses


$ 1400 Per Day
  • Plus Expenses

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AAC Field Services Facilitators are available to provide professional
learning support on a fee for service basis.

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