Book A Online or In-Person Session

Book an Online or In-Person Session


Yes We Can!

AAC is available to provide custom professional learning, either in-person or through virtual meetings.

Costs are increasing everywhere, and because we all know the benefit of ongoing embedded professional learning, AAC is offering a graduated fee structure to help make ongoing professional learning more affordable for our members. 

Please note that you must be an AAC member at the time of the workshop to qualify for AAC member rates. If you have questions about our rates please email 

Book soon! Prime PD dates are already being confirmed on our calendar!

Professional Learning Rates for AAC Members

Full Day

$ 1100 Per Full Day
  • Plus Expenses

Half Day

$ 500 Per Half-Day
  • Plus Expenses

Full Day

$ 850 Per Day

Half Day

$ 500 Per Half-Day

Please contact AAC for additional pricing options for virtual learning.

Professional Learning Rates for Non-Members

Full Day

$ 1200 Per Day
  • Plus Expenses

Half Day

$ 600 Per Half Day
  • Plus Expenses

PLEASE NOTE: Any in-person professional learning must comply with provincial health regulations in place at the time of the session. The contracting jurisdiction/organization will be required to ensure that appropriate COVID safety measures will be in place.

Booking in-person professional learning outside of Alberta? Please contact us at to discuss our travel rates.

Current AAC Professional Learning Session Topics

NOTE: These topics can be modified and/or combined to meet your professional learning needs. However, please keep in mind the more topics you choose, the more time will be needed to maintain a quality learning experience.

Planning with The End in Mind Topics

  • Outcome-Based Reporting - Making the Shift
  • Building Better Rubrics: New Content!
  • Articulating Criteria: Steps for Success: New Curriculum Examples!
  • Unlocking Student Potential: Maximizing Assessment for Learning and Evaluation of Mastery
  • Creating a Balanced Assessment Plan
  • Evidence of Learning and Triangulating the Data
  • An Introduction to Blueprinting Assessments
  • The Connection Between Performance Verbs and Assessment Methods
  • Differentiation and Assessment - Getting to Know Your Learners
  • Assessment Differentiation According to Product, Process and Content

Formative and Summative Assessment Topics

  • Fostering Student Agency Through Assessment
  • Assessment that Empowers Growth Mindset
  • Formative Assessment: Low and High Tech Strategies
  • What is Actionable Teacher Feedback?
  • Developing Effective Peer Coaching in the Classroom
  • Self Reflection: A High Impact Strategy for Learning
  • DYK Formative Assessment Informs Teaching & Learning?
  • Stop Summatively Marking Everything!
  • Best Practices for Communicating & Reporting Learning
  • Using Data to Uncover Patterns of Understanding
  • Mean, Mode and Median: The Impact on a Final Grade
  • Say "NO" to Marking One-Time Assessment Events
  • Topics for Assessment Leaders and Decision Makers

    • An "Assessment Refresher" For Leaders
    • Three models for Managing Complex Change in Assessment Practice
    • The Essential Conditions for Leading Assessment Change
    • System and School Leader Strategies for Supporting the Communication of Student Achievement between Educators and Parents
    • Be Brave! Create an Assessment Policy for your Organization that Follows Principles of Fair Student Assessment Practice
    • Where to Start When Re-Designing Report Cards
    • Standards Based Grading: A Vision for Moving Away from Tests, Assignments and Projects

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