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AAC is hiring additional casual contractors for the 2021/22 school year! If you are an experienced educator who has expertise in the area of assessment, please apply.

Learn something new each session to try with students and share with colleagues. 

Asynchronous learning option available for these sessions!

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Join us for a NEW 3-part series with Dylan Wiliam! The sessions will focus on addressing learning gaps in education while creating opportunities for all students to develop student agency.

In this timely and thoughtful call to action, author and educator Starr Sackstein examines the critical intersection between assessment and social and emotional learning (SEL). The book addresses five SEL competencies and explains how teaching students to develop their abilities in these areas can help them improve their learning and assessment experiences.

Book study participants will discover how these concepts connect to their own work.

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Assessment Talking Points

Especially for Teachers and Leaders

Why are we still talking about formative assessment?

Sherry Bennett: Reflections after Two Decades of Learning with AAC My first encounter with the Alberta Assessment Consortium was in 1999, when Robert Hogg, new to his role as AAC Executive Director, invited me to join the AAC summer development workshop. Through many conversations about this thing called ‘assessment for learning’, I gained insights about

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Especially for Teachers and Leaders

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated!

Pat Lore: Reflections at the End of a 9-Year Secondment Have you ever felt like you were in a relationship that just wasn’t working as well as you wanted it to? That wasn’t helping you live your best life?  I have, and that relationship is with assessment. I’m closing in on the end of my

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