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Instructional leadership plays a crucial role in shaping assessment practices that drive student learning. You can create an environment where assessment is a tool for learning and growth.
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Single point rubrics are a minimalist yet powerful tool for assessment. While they may not be suitable for every assessment type, single point rubrics can be a valuable tool for fostering clear communication and focused feedback
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Performance tasks are powerful tools that go beyond traditional assessments, offering students the chance to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways.

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Assessment Talking Points

Especially for Teachers and Leaders

Why are we still talking about formative assessment?

Sherry Bennett: Reflections after Two Decades of Learning with AAC My first encounter with the Alberta Assessment Consortium was in 1999, when Robert Hogg, new to his role as AAC Executive Director, invited me to join the AAC summer development workshop. Through many conversations about this thing called ‘assessment for learning’, I gained insights about

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Especially for Teachers and Leaders

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated!

Pat Lore: Reflections at the End of a 9-Year Secondment Have you ever felt like you were in a relationship that just wasn’t working as well as you wanted it to? That wasn’t helping you live your best life?  I have, and that relationship is with assessment. I’m closing in on the end of my

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