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New professional learning sessions added for June 2023!

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Designed for Instructional Leaders!

June 69:30 – 11:00am MT
The Art of Mastering Empowering Questioning

June 79:00 am – noon MT
The Art of Assessing Mathematical and Linguistic Thinking

Experience an assessment planning process that is based on teaching for conceptual understanding with any curriculum.

Learn practical strategies for designing effective assessment tasks and promoting higher-order thinking skills in your classroom!

Unpack learning outcomes and explore the relationship between performance verbs and levels of cognition according to the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.


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AAC is hiring additional casual contractors for the 2022/23 school year! If you are an experienced educator who has expertise in the area of assessment, please apply.

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Assessment Talking Points

Especially for Teachers and Leaders

Why are we still talking about formative assessment?

Sherry Bennett: Reflections after Two Decades of Learning with AAC My first encounter with the Alberta Assessment Consortium was in 1999, when Robert Hogg, new to his role as AAC Executive Director, invited me to join the AAC summer development workshop. Through many conversations about this thing called ‘assessment for learning’, I gained insights about

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