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Especially for Leaders

Hey Leaders! Do you know how important your work is?

Hey Leaders! Do you know how important your work is? Seriously! It’s true. In a review of the research, Leithwood, Louis, Anderson and Wahlstrom (2004) determined that “…leadership not only matters: it is second only to teaching among school-related factors in its impact on student learning…” With the new TQS and LQS officially in place,

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Especially for Parents

Important Conversations… At Any Time of the Year

Report cards, conferences, checking the online parent portal for the latest entry, looking at your child’s test or project rubric – what matters most to you? Is it your child’s grades? Where they are in relation to their classmates? Or are you more concerned with their attitude toward learning? Where they’re being successful, and where

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AAC Regional 2019 Spring Symposia

Attention K -4 Teachers and Leaders! Confident, Healthy and Hopeful: Assessment to Support Our Youngest Learners Katie White Assessment decisions that teachers make every day have a profound impact on our students, and this is especially true for our youngest learners. Katie White will share her experience with integrating learner centered assessment practices within new

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Assessment and a New Alberta Curriculum

Curriculum and assessment are inseparable. While it’s true that assessment must be an accurate reflection of the curriculum, it’s also true that curriculum must be written in such a manner as to support effective assessment practice. AAC invites you to consider 3 key things when looking at the new curriculum ‘through the lens of assessment’.

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