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AAC Regional 2018 Fall Symposia

Register for AAC Fall Symposia 2018 The following link will take you to the ePly Online Event Registration form. Click Here to Register The following link will take you to an ePly website page where you can view your registration information once you have already registered and received a login password. Already Registered? Attention Secondary

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Communicating and Reporting

Many jurisdictions have revamped their reporting systems over the past several years. Whether a jurisdiction is creating a new reporting system or reviewing an existing system, many variables and multiple audiences need to be considered. This project was developed in collaboration with AAC member jurisdictions. This online resource is organized around the following topics. Click

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Assessment and a New Alberta Curriculum

Curriculum and assessment are inseparable. While it’s true that assessment must be an accurate reflection of the curriculum, it’s also true that curriculum must be written in such a manner as to support effective assessment practice. AAC invites you to consider 3 key things when looking at the new curriculum ‘through the lens of assessment’.

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